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“Developing scientific research and promoting education throughout the Arab world.”

About ArLAR

In a world where alliances of different countries have made significant progress in the practice of rheumatology by uniting under one umbrella, the time has come to form such a league in the Arab world.

This website is a work in progress giving us a forum for compiling information and feedback of rheumatologists in the Arab countries. It is our desire to facilitate the growth of the Pan Arab Rheumatology league through improving research collaboration, patient education, and continuous professional development of rheumatologists in the Arab countries.

We also take on initiatives from societies, individuals, and others stakeholders. The mission of ARLAR is to represent Arab Rheumatologists and promote the pursuit of excellence in arthritis care, education and research.

ArLAR, re-established in 2014 from the biennial meeting of Pan Arab Rheumatology, in its current iteration, has organizational roots reaching back to 1995. The goals of the ArLAR include advancing professional camaraderie, research and training to improve the health of Arabs with rheumatic diseases. The ArLAR is composed of over 500 members throughout all 22 Arab League countries. As of today, ArLAR comprises seventeen Rheumatology Associations.

To be an internationally recognized, regional professional league.

ArLAR is the voice for Arab rheumatologists in the world arena as one of the top regional rheumatology leagues in patient care, research, and education. The ArLAR mission is to promote joint and bone health and care through:
– Knowledge transmission, including dissemination of research and encouragement of best practices
– Professional development and leadership in health policy.

– To nourish previous achievements of Pan Arab Rheumatology League
– To facilitate the growth of the Pan Arab Rheumatology League
– To reset the Pan Arab Rheumatology long term goals for the next decade to position the league as an internationally recognized scientific and professional power.



62 % of ArLAR members are between 30 and 49 years old.

70 % of ArLAR members are qualified Rheumatologists.