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Abdulrahman Alrasheed, MD

Abdulrahman Alrasheed, MD

Lecture: Case 2: The Dilemma of Recurrent Chest Infilatration and ANCA Associated Vasculopath in Infant

Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist and Paediatric Rheumatology Fellowship Program Director, King Abdullah Specialized Children Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Adbulrahman has a Saudi and Arab board certificate of Paediatric obtained in 2006. He later studied at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in the Paediatric Rheumatology Fellowship Program in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the years of 2007 till 2009.

Dr. Alrahseed did the Paediatric Rheumatology Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada during the years of 2011 until 2013.

Abdurhman Alarfaj, BSc, MB CHB, MD, MRCP, FRCPC

Abdurhman Alarfaj, BSc, MB CHB, MD, MRCP, FRCPC

Workshop: Renal Issues in Rheumatology

Professor, Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Alarfaj did his bachelor in medical sciences in St. Andrews University, St. Andrews, Scotland, U.K. and graduated on 15 July 1980, he later did is MB.CHB. (MD) at the University of Manchester,

Manchester, England, U.K. and graduated on 04 July 1983. He received his MRCP (U.K.) on the 29th of November 1988. On September13, 1989 he received the American Board of Internal Medicine and he finished his FRCPC and Specialist Certificate in Internal Medicine in Canada on 06 November 1990. Prof. Abdurhman received a Subspecialty Certification in Rheumatology from Royal College of Physician & Surgeons of Canada on the 3rd of December 1990, he was a fellow in the American College of Physician in 1996 and a fellow in the American College of Rheumatology in 1997.

Prof. Abdurhman was the director of the College of Medicine Research Center from the year 2003 until 2006. He is the head of PNT committee and the head of the Rheumatology Unit at King Saud University Hospital.

Prof. Alarfaj has more than 70 publications and is a reviewer for many local and international journals.


Abeer Ahmed, MBCCH, MD, RCP

Abeer Ahmed, MBCCH, MD, RCP

Lecture: Approach to Joints Pain

Senior Specialist Rheumatologist, Kimsoman Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Abeer has 14 years of experience in the Rheumatology field. She was working in Benha University Hospital and Nasser Hospital, Cairo, Egypt. She has done researches in Antithrombin 111 and its relevance to clinical aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardiac and Vascular Symptoms of Behcet and many more.

Dr. Abeer is a member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate and a member of the Oman Rheumatology Society.

Adeeba Al-Herz, MD, FRCPC, FACP


Lecture: Kuwait Registry for Rheumatic Diseases..On the Road of Success

Founder of Kuwait Registry for Rheumatic Diseases (KRRD) and Team Leader; President of Kuwait Association for Rheumatology (KAR); Consultant in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Al-Amiri Hospital/Kuwait City, Kuwait Oil Company Hospital/Al-Ahmedi City, Faisal Specialized Polyclinic/Kuwait City

Dr. Adeeba graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University in 1993, she did the American Board in Internal Medicine and The Canadian Board in Internal Medicine during her training in McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. She also did the Canadian Board in Rheumatology during her training in Vancouver University, British Columbia, Canada and she also had special training in lupus and vasculitis at The University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Al-Herz is a member of the Special Interest Group for Rheumatoid Arthritis (SIG-RA) at the APLAR. She is a tutor in the Faculty of Medicine for undergraduate medical students and in the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialties for postgraduate medical studies in internal medicine and its subspecialties.

Dr. Adeeba has more than 30 researches published in well recognized journals or presented in international conferences.

Adel Alwahadneh, MD, MSc, FRCPCH

Adel Alwahadneh, MD, MSc, FRCPCH

Lecture: Non-infectious Uveitis

Senior Consultant Paediatric Immunologist, Allergist & Rheumatologist; Head, Paediatric Immunology, Allergy & Rheumatology Section; Head, Bone Marrow Transplantation Group for Primary Immunodeficiency, Queen Rania Children Hospital, King Hussein Medical Center, Amman, Jordan

Dr. Alwahadneh is a fellow of the European Society of Paediatric Rheumatology. He is the NCC Director-Paediatric Rheumatology Trials organization in Jordan since 2010. He is a member of several societies, the Pan Arab Rheumatology Society, a member of Jordanian Society of Rheumatology and a member of the Paediatric Rheumatology On-line Bulletin Board.

Dr. Adel is the founder of Paediatric Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology service at Royal Medical services and the founder of the Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation Group for Primary Immunodeficiency at Royal medical services.

Dr. Alwahadneh is a reviewer annals of paediatric rheumatology, also a reviewer of 54 original articles in paediatric immunology and rheumatology in peer-reviewed journals and also 50 abstracts in national and international conferences.


Ahmed AlEnizi, MD, FRCPC, FACR, MACP

Ahmad AlEnizi, MD, FRCPC, FACR, MACP

Lecture: Kuwait Recommendations on Vaccine in Rheumatic Patients, Consensus and Updates

Consultant Internist and Rheumatologist and the Head of the Adult Day-Case Unit, Jahra Hospital, Jahra, Kuwait

Dr. Ahmed graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin in the year of 2001, he completed his post gradual training in internal medicine and rheumatology at McGill University, Montreal. He was certified in internal medicine and rheumatology and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in the year of 2009.

Dr. AlEnizi was the president of the Kuwait Association of Rheumatology (KAR) in the year of 2014. He is currently a member and head of the charity committee of the KAR. He is also a member of the American College of Rheumatology after being certified in internal medicine and rheumatology from the American board of internal medicine from 2007 to 2009.

Dr. Ahmed is currently the head of the national ethical committee for human parts donations among non-relatives in Kuwait. He is currently very active in quality improvement locally in the same hospital where he is the head of the accreditation team at department of medicine and a member of the quality improvement team, and the scientific committee.

Dr. AlEnizi has authored many studies and an active rheumatologist in local clinical trials and his main interest is spondyloarthritis.

Ahmed Al Sariri

Ahmed Al Sariri

Lecture: Uveiitis from Rheumatology Perspective

Senior Consultant Rheumatologist, Armed Forces Hospital, Oman & HOD of Medicine, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Al Sariri is a graduate of Sultan Qaboos university, he is holding FRCP in Glasco and MRCP in Ireland. He finished his fellowship in Rheumatology at King Faisal Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh in 2008 and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound fellowship at Malaya University Hospital in Malaysia.

Dr. Ahmed is now working in Armed Forces Hospital as HOD of medicine and rheumatology. His main interest is Spondyloarthropathy and Crystal Arthropathy.


Ali Al Shamsi, MD


Pre-Congress: Joint Injections

Rheumatologist, Al Buraimi Hospital, Buraimi, Oman

Ali Al Shamsi, Rheumatologist, Al Buraimi Hospital. Sultanate of Oman.
MD : Sultan Qaboos University ( SQU) Muscat, Sultanate of Oman:
MRCP & Fellowship & Registrar Training Program (RTP) certificate in specialty of Rheumatology- Ireland.

Ali Jawad, MB ChB, MSc, FRCP, FRCPEd, FRCPG, DCH, DMedRehab

Ali Jawad, MB ChB, MSc, FRCP, FRCPEd, FRCPG, DCH, DMedRehab

Lectures: Musculoskeletal Features of Sarcoidosis & Statin Myopathy

Consultant Rheumatologist, Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom

Prof. Jawad is originally from Baghdad, Iraq. He is a Hans Sloane Fellow and International Medical Director at the Royal College of Physicians in London and is a Professor of Rheumatology at the William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London in London, UK.

Prof. Ali has published widely: 3 books, chapters in several books and more than 200 articles in learned journals. He has won several research grants, runs a metabolic bone service and is currently researching the role of cytokines in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Amel Ginawi, MBBs, FRCP, MSc

Amel Ginawi, MBBs, FRCP, MSc

Lecture: Osteoarthritis Treatment: A Review of the Current Evidence

Consultant Rheumatologist, Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Ginawi has more than 15 years of experience as a Rheumatologist in the United Kingdom. Her experience covers management of all rheumatologically and connective tissue diseases including pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Amita Aggarwal, MB, BS, MD, DM

Amita Aggarwal, MB, BS, MD, DM

Lectures: Enthesitis Related Arthritis: Clinical Features, Pathogenesis and Outcome & Rheumatic Manifestations in Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

Professor, Department of Clinical Immunology Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India

Dr. Aggarwal is involved in the care of patients with rheumatic diseases and primary immunodeficiency. Her major areas of interest are Juvenile Arthritis and Lupus.

Assia Haddouche

Assia Haddouche

Workshop: USG Course: Foot & Ankle Joints Presentation & Hands on session (Foot & Ankle)

Assistant Professor of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, University of Algiers, Algeria

Dr. Haddouche’s major interests are spondyloarthritis and musculoskeletal ultrasound. She is certified EULAR Teacher of musculoskeletal Ultrasound. She is Editor of Batna Journal of Medical Sciences and Editor in Medicine.


Ayman El-Garf, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Ayman El-Garf, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Lecture: Hepatitis C Virus for the Rheumatologist

President of the Egyptian Society for Rheumatic Diseases; Professor of Rheumatology, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Ayman is the founding member of the Egyptian and Pan-Arab Societies of Rheumatology. He is the ex-deputy Dean for Postgraduate Affairs and the ex-head of Rheumatology Department in Cairo University. 

Dr. El-Garf has numerous international publications in respectable journals.

Basil Fathalla, MD, ABP, ABP, FAAP, FACR

Basil Fathalla, MD, ABP, ABP, FAAP, FACR

Lecture: Antiphospholipid Syndrome in Children

Workshop: Autoinflammatory Disease

Paediatric Rheumatology Consultant, Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Fathalla is an American Board Certified in paediatrics and paediatric rheumatology and completing his subspecialty paediatric rheumatology training at the Floating Hospital for Children / The New England Medical Center / Tufts University in Boston USA during 2000 – 2003.

Dr. Basil gained his experience in the field of paediatric rheumatology through academic positions in various tertiary care hospitals including St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia and Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. He held the position of head of section of paediatric rheumatology at Hamad General Hospital for a couple of years before moving to Dubai.

Bassel El-Zorkany, MD

Bassel El-Zorkany, MD

Lecture: RA Pathogenesis

Workshop: Meet the SpA Experts

Professor of Rheumatology, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Prof. El-Zorkany is a full member of the Assessment of SpondyloArthritis International Society (ASAS), he is the Ex-Editor in Chief of The Egyptian Rheumatologist, he is also the international peer-reviewed journal published by Elsevier.

Prof. Bassel is a member of the Board and Secretary General for The Egyptian Society of Rheumatic Diseases, and A member of the Board for The Egyptian Society of Back Pain. His researches are widely published in many worldwide journals.

Buthaina Al Adba, MBBS, MD, CAPB

Buthaina Al Adba, MBBS, MD, CAPB

Lecture: Monogenic Lupus “What is New?”

Paediatric Rheumatologist, Sidra Medical and Research Center, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Al Adba obtained her medical degree at King Faisal University in Al Khobar at Saudi Arabia. She did her residency in paediatrics at Hamad Medical Corporation at Qatar.  She completed her fellowship training in Paediatric Rheumatology in Sickkids Hospital at Toronto, Canada in 2015.

Dr. Buthaina is certified by the Arab Board Health Specialization in general Paediatric (CAPB). After completing a three years of fellowship training program in Paediatric Rheumatology at Canada, she joined Hamad Medical Corporation and subsequently to Sidra medical and research center as a Paediatric Rheumatologist Staff doing paediatric rheumatology service a cross Qatar.

Dr. Al Adba is a member of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).

Catherine Nelson-Piercy, MA, FRCP, FRCOG

Catherine Nelson-Piercy, MA, FRCP, FRCOG

Lectures: Antiplatelets & Thromboprophylaxis of Pregnant Woman with Rheumatic Disease & Optimizing the Management of SLE during Pregnancy

Consultant Obstetric Physician, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals Trust; Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Prof. Nelson-Piercy she was awarded the title of Professor of Obstetric Medicine at King’s College London in 2010. She did her undergraduate studies at King’s College, Cambridge University and St Bartholomew’s Hospital. She trained as a physician, and was taught Obstetric Medicine by Professor Michael de Swiet.

Prof. Catherine is the immediate past President of the International Society of Obstetric Medicine (ISOM). She is founding co-editor in chief of the journal ‘Obstetric Medicine: the medicine of pregnancy.’

Prof. Nelson-Piercy has been involved in the development of several evidence-based National Guidelines notably for “Contraception in Women with Heart Disease”, BTS / SIGN “Asthma in Pregnancy” and RCOG Green top guidelines on “Reducing the risk of thromboembolism during pregnancy, birth & the puerperium” and ‘Management of nausea vomiting of pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum”. She has over 200 publications and has edited five books and written the successful Handbook of Obstetric Medicine, now in its fifth edition. She is also one of the central physician assessors for the UK Confidential maternal deaths enquiry.

Chinmoy Roy, MD, FIPP

Chinmoy Roy, MD, FIPP

Lecture: Pain Management in Rheumatology

Senior Specialist, The Royal Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Christopher Edwards

Christopher Edwards

Lectures: Optimizing RA Management in the Biologics and Targeted Therapy Era & Sjogren Syndrome

Consultant Rheumatologist and Associate Director, Southampton NIHR Clinical Research Facility, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton, United Kingdom

Prof. Edwards is an associate director of the Southampton NIHR Clinical Research Facility he is engaged with the running of a large translational research facility with phase I experience. He is a clinical director of the Southampton Musculoskeletal Research Unit, a recognized EULAR centre of excellence.

David D'Cruz, MD, FRCP

David D'Cruz, MD, FRCP

Lectures: IgG4-related Disease & Approach to Lupus Nephritis

Consultant Rheumatologist, Louise Coote Lupus Unit, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London, United Kingdom

Prof. D’Cruz is the Clinical Team Lead of this internationally renowned tertiary referral center for autoimmune rheumatic disorders. His major clinical and research interests are systemic lupus erythematosus, the antiphospholipid syndrome and systemic vasculitis. He leads the Louise Coote Lupus Clinical Trials Unit which has a portfolio of investigator and industry led trials. His research portfolio includes a translational medicine programme in collaboration with basic science laboratories in the Division of Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Diseases, Kings College School of Medicine. He is one of the Managing Editors of the journal Lupus. He is a past President of the Rheumatology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Elhem Cheour

Elhem Cheour

Workshop: Crystal Identification in Synovial Fluid in Clinical Practice

Head of the Immuno-Rheumatology Laboratory Research, Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research, Tunis, Tunisia

Dr. Cheour did a master of Manual Medicine (Cheiropraxy) in 2006 in the faculty of medicine of Sfax, Tunisia she later did a supplementary studies certificate in legal repair of the physical injury in 2008 in the faculty of medicine of Tunis. She did another supplementary studies certificate for Statistics in Clinical Research in the year 1986 at University Marie Curie, Paris VII, France. She did her specialty in Rheumatology and graduated in the year 1988, Faculty of medicine of Tunis and she got her MD in 1988 at the Faculty of medicine of Tunis, Tunisia

Dr. Elhem did a two months training on Crystal Identification in 1996 by Prof. HR Schumacher at the VAMC, Philadelphia, USA and she is responsible for the Crystal Identification unit since 1986 at the Rheumatology department at La Rabta Hospital, Tunisia.

Dr. Cheour was the President of the Tunisian League Against Rheumatism, Tunisia from 2011 until 2013. She is a member of the drugs Committee for Proprietary Medicinal, General Directorate of Pharmacy and Medication, Tunisia since 2008. Since 2006 she a Professor of Rheumatology at La Rabta Teaching Hospital/ Faculty of medicine, Tunisia and a member of Lion’s club Salammbo, Tunis.

Elsadeg Sharif, MBBCh, DCH, MRCPCH, MSc, CCT, FRCPCH

Elsadeg Sharif, MBBCh, DCH, MRCPCH, MSc, CCT, FRCPCH

Lectures: MAS in Pediatric Rheumatology & Case 1: It’s not as it seems

Consultant Paediatrician and Rheumatologist, Al Ain hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Sharif has been working as consultant since 2006. He has trained in the UK. He is currently the chair of the child health institute at Al Ain hospital. He is also clinical assistant professor of paediatrics in UAE University. He is a fellow at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health London and member of the British Society of Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology (BSPAR).

Ghita Harifi

Ghita Harifi

Pre-Congress Workshop: SG Course: Introduction to MSK Ultrasound, Hand & Wrist Joints Presentation & Hands on session (Hand & Wrist)

Specialist Rheumatologist, Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr Harifi is board certified rheumatologist, a Fellow of the Université de Strasbourg, one of France’s best research universities specialized in auto-immune diseases. She completed her Post-Graduate Certificate in Interventional Rheumatology, and her French Certificate in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound from L’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Sorbonne Universités, Paris. She has been practicing in Dubai since 2012. Prior to joining the Humeira Badsha Medical Center she was at Dubai Hospital where she contributed to set up and ran the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Clinic as well as the General Rheumatology and Early Arthritis clinics.

Hanadi Kazkaz

Hanadi Kazkaz

Lecture: The Management of Hypermobility including Top Tips for Patients & Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue and the Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

Consultant Rheumatologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London Hospitals (UCLH), London, United Kingdom

Dr. Kazkaz has a special interest in Heritable Connective Tissue Conditions and she also leads the national hypermobility service at UCH. She is an active member of the international consortium on Ehlers -Danlos Syndroms and was involved in writing the updated 2017 criteria. She is also the Chief Medical Advisor for EDS, UK.

Hermine Brunner, MD, MSc, MBA

Hermine Brunner, MD, MSc, MBA

Lectures: Lupus Nephritis & Comprehensive Treatment of JSLE

Professor of Paediatrics, University of Cincinnati; Chief of Rheumatology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Ohio, United States of America

Dr. Brunner’s research centers on lupus in children, the development of new laboratory and outcome measures as well as the design and conduct of medication studies for pediatric rheumatic diseases. She has authored over 170 manuscripts, reviews and book chapters.

Humaira Badsha

Humaira Badsha

Lecture: Demographic Characteristics and Treatment Patterns of a Large Cohort of Arab patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Consultant Rheumatologist and Medical Director, Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Badsha has over two decades of experience as a Rheumatologist across three countries – the USA, Singapore, and UAE.  She started her career with MBBS at Madras Medical College, Chennai in India, Dr. Badsha was trained at UCLA, California, and has worked and taught medical students and doctors at various schools and hospitals including Harvard, Tufts, and UCLA. She moved to Dubai in 2005 from Boston and was working at Dubai Bone & Joint Center. She was the Secretary (2008-2010) and Founding Member of Emirates Society of Rheumatology and is also the Vice Chairperson and Founding Member – Board of Directors, Emirates Arthritis Foundation, from 2006 to present.

Hussain Al Bulushi

Hussain Al Bulushi

Pre-Congress Workshop: USG workshop: Shoulder Joint Presentation & Hands on session (Shoulder)

Senior Consultant Musculoskeletal and Interventional Radiologist, Armed Force Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Al Bulushi graduated from medical college in Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). He did his radiology residency in Ireland in the faculty of radiology at Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI). He also did a fellowship in Diagnostic and Interventional Musculoskeletal Radiology and a fellowship in Vascular and Non-Vascular Interventional Radiology.

Ikram Nasr

Ikram Nasr

Lectures: What a Rheumatologist Ought to Know About Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Coelaic Disease Is It Relevant in Rheumatology?

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Dr. Ikram has done his CCT in gastroenterology and general internal medical in London and have completed a fellowship in complex IBD management. She conducted research at Guys and St Thomas’ and participated in commercial drug clinical trials in IBD.

Dr. Nasr has interest in inflammatory bowel disease, nutrition, coeliac and refractory coeliac disease. She also has interest in advanced endoscopy including balloon endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound.

Iman Nasr

Iman Nasr

Lecture: Drug Allergy and Desensitization to Biologics

Senior Specialist in Allergy and Immunology, Royal Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Iman is the chairperson of the Immunology and allergy club in Oman. She has completed her fellowship training in allergy and immunology at the Royal London Hospital in the UK and has joined Royal Hospital in October 2015 where she established the adult Immunology and allergy unit and introduced immunotherapy as well as drug desensitization.

Ingrid Lundberg

Ingrid Lundberg

Lectures: Autoantibodies and Clinical Phenotypes in Inflammatory Myopathies & Management of Inflammatory Myopathies

Full Professor in Rheumatology, Karolinska Institutet; Senior Consultant,  Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Ingrid in 1993 she established a myositis clinic with a dedicated multidisciplinary team. This clinic has formed the basis of a translational research project with the aim to achieve improved understanding of molecular mechanisms that lead to muscle weakness in patients with myositis. Through their research they have demonstrated that physical exercise, in contrast to the recommendations at that time, leads to increased muscle strength and improved performance.

Dr. Lundberg has been in a steering committee that has developed an international, multidisciplinary, web-based myositis register, www.euromyositis.eu which now has more than 4 000 patients from 23 centers world-wide enrolled and she has been the PI of the International Myositis Classification Criteria Project (IMCCP)  now published “European League Against Rheumatism/American College of Rheumatology classification criteria for adult and juvenile idiopathic inflammatory myopathies and their major subgroups” (Lundberg, Ingrid E et al “2017 European League Against Rheumatism/American College of Rheumatology classification criteria for adult and juvenile idiopathic inflammatory myopathies and their major subgroups.” Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 76.12 (2017):1955-1964. Web. 14 Nov. 2017.)

Izzat Khanjar

Izzat Khanjar

Lectures: GIOP Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis & Recent Advanced Adult Onset Still Disease

Senior Consultant Rheumatology Division, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Izzat obtained his Jordanian Board in 1982. He is interested in CTD (SLE, APS, Sjogren), AOSD & BD. MBD (OP). He is the director of QMSK US Courses, small needle salivary gland biopsy, punched skin Biopsy & nail fold Capillarocopy.

Jalila Said AlShekaili, B.Sc., M.D., F.R.C.P.A, PhD

Jaleela Al Shukaili

Workshop: Interpretation of Immunological Investigation

Consultant Immunopathologist, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Jaleela trained and completed Immunology fellowship at The Canberra Hospital , Australia. Then it was followed by a PhD at the ANU, Australia, working on human autoimmunity and immunodeficiency. Currently, consultant Immunolopathologist, at SQUH since 2013. The immunology lab at SQUH, is a referral lab that receives around 1000 samples for  5000 tests /month half of which comes from different health institutes across Oman. The lab performed 600 ANA, 250 ENA, 300 dsDNA, 100 ANCA and 50 neuronal among others that help in diagnosis and monitoring of different systemic and organ specific autoimmune diseases.

Juma Al Kaabi


Pre-Congress Workshop: Musculoskeletal Examination for Trainees Only

Senior Consultant Rheumatologist, Al Buraimi hospital, Buraimi, Oman

Dr Juma Alkaabi, is a senior consultant Rheumatologist at Al Buraimi hospital since 2016.  Before his curent post he was the head of the Rheumatology unit at Sultan Qaboos University. Dr Juma Dr Juma Alkaabi has received his degree in Medicine in 1992 from University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. He completed his clinical training in Medicine at Sultan Qaboos University hospital and also at the internal medical department at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK and Rheumatology training at Ninewells hospital, Dundee, UK.

Khaled El-Hadidi, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Khaled El-Hadidi, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Lecture: Characteristics of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in a Sample of the Egyptian Population: A Retrospective Cohort of 1109 Patients from a Single Center

Vice-President of the Egyptian Society of Joint Diseases and Arthritis; Professor of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Khaled has always had a special interest in systemic lupus Erythematosus, and his M.D. thesis was about the anti-phospholipid syndrome in a cohort of Egyptian lupus patients. It was done in collaboration with the father of the anti-phospholipid syndrome Dr. Graham Hughes in the early 80`s.

Dr. El-Hadidi has recently had a paper accepted for publication in the lupus journal with the topic “Characteristics of systemic lupus erythematous in a sample of the Egyptian population: a retrospective cohort of 1109 patients from a single center”.

Khalid Alnaqbi, MD, MSc, FACP, FACR, FRCPC

Khalid Alnaqbi, MD, MSc, FACP, FACR, FRCPC

Lecture: Challenges in Screening, Diagnosis and Management of Spondyloarthritis in the Gulf

Consultant and Head of Rheumatology and Immunology, Al Ain Hospital, UAE; Clinical Assistant Professor UAE University, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Khalid graduated from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University. He completed his post-graduate residency training at the University of Toronto in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology and then undertook a fellowship at the Spondyloarthritis Program.

Dr. Alnaqbi pursued his academic interests by completing the Clinician Investigator Program with a thesis-based Master of Science (MSc) related to spondyloarthritis. He has published in peer-reviewed journals. He is a journal reviewer in prestigious journals. He wrote a book chapter on (Diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis) in a book (Advances in the Management of Ankylosing Spondylitis).

Dr. Alnaqbi is a member in the Assessment of Spondyloarthritis international Society (ASAS), and the Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (GRAPPA). He has been a speaker in numerous national and international meetings.

Dr. Khalid established Spondyloarthritis Clinic which is the first in the Gulf.

Loïc Guillevin

Loïc Guillevin

Lectures: Infections in Autoimmune Disease & How to treat ANCA-Associated Vasculitis

Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics, Cochin Hospital, University of Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité; France

Dr. Loïc is the coordinator and president of the French Vasculitis Study Group. He is a member of several national and international scientific society boards and is involved in several groups of interest on systemic and autoimmune diseases. He was the president of the French committee for clinical research and the president of the French National Society of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Guillevin is Master of the American College of Rheumatology, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (UK), Honorary Fellow of the American College of Physician and Honorary fellow of the European Federation of Internal Medicine. He is a member of the French Académie Nationale de Médecine.

Dr. Guillevin has published up to 1,000 scientific and teaching papers and published or participated to several scientific books.

Maha Ali, MD, FRCPC


Pre-Congress Workshop: Joint Injections

Attachment as Acting Consultant, Rheumatology Department, Royal Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Maha is a graduate of the Sutan Qaboos University in Oman. She completed a full residency in Internal Medicine followed by a fellowship in Rheumatology at the University of British Columbia, Canada. After her fellowship, she joined the Rheumatology department at the Royal Hospital from October 2016 to January 2018. She recently joined the Internal medicine department at Al Nahdha Hospital, with the vision to expand the Rheumatology service in Muscat region.

Majda Khoury

Majda Khoury

Lecture: Pediatric Osteoporosis

President of the Syrian Association for Rheumatology

Dr. Majda studied medicine at Damascus University in the faculty of Medicine, she graduated in 1970. She did her post-graduate training internal medicine and rheumatology in USA from 1970-1974. She is the professor of rheumatology at Damascus University in Syria.

Dr. Khoury is the co-founder of the Syrian Association for Rheumatology and the co-founder of the Syrian National Osteoporosis Society. She is also a member of the Syrian Board of Examiners, Locomotor System.

Manal Al Mashaleh, MD, JMB, JRB

Manal Al Mashaleh, MD, JMB, JRB

Lecture: Food as Immunomodulating Agents for the Treatment of Arthritis

Consultant Rheumatologist and Head of Rheumatology Division of Internal Medicine, King Hussein Medical Centre in Royal Medical Services, Amman, Jordan

Dr Manal got her bachelors in medicine at Jordan University, she did her post graduate training in internal medicine at the Royal Medical Services and got her Jordanian board, she became a member of the Jordanian Internal Medicine Committee.

Dr. Al Mashaleh started her rheumatology fellow in King Hussein medical centre in 2004, she continued her rheumatology fellow in Sydney, Australia from 2005-2007, in 2007 she officially became a rheumatologist, and got her Jordanian Board of Rheumatism and became a member of Jordan Rheumatism Society and APLAR Society.

Dr. Al Mashaleh’s main interest is Rheumatoid Arthritis and Vasculitis and had been involved in clinical trials and had many publications.

Manal Helal, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Manal Helal, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Lecture: Gout, Old Disease with New Perspective

Senior Specialist of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Nizwa Hospital, Oman

Dr. Helal graduated from Cairo University, faculty of medicine in 1992, and then she completed her residency in internal medicine at Cairo University Teaching Hospital, she later did a master’s degree in internal medicine in 1996 after she did a doctorate degree in 2002.

Dr. Manal has been an associate professor of internal medicine and rheumatology at Kasr­ Al Ainy University hospital, Egypt, since 2008. She a member of ESR – Egyptian Society of Rheumatology and OSR – Oman Society of Rheumatology.

Marco Gattorno, MD

Marco Gattorno, MD

Lecture: New Therapies in the Pipelines in JIA

Workshop: Auto Inflammatory Diseases

Paediatric Rheumatologists, “G. Gaslini” Institute for Children,  Genoa, Italy

Dr. Marco’s main scientific interests involve the study of the pathogenic mechanisms of the rheumatic conditions in children and the clinical and pathogenic characterization of the monogenic autoinflammatory diseases.  He is author of 185 full-papers on international journals (total IF 1254, H-index 47), of many book chapters (i.e. “The Immune System and the Inflammatory Response” in the Textbook of Paediatric Rheumatology; JT Cassidy et al. eds; 5th, 6th and 7th Edition). He is the Editor of the book “Familial Mediterranean Fever” (Springer).

Dr. Gattorno received the 1998 and 1999 Paediatric Rheumatology Abstract Awards at the 62nd and 63rd Congress of the American College of Rheumatology and the Kourir Award 13th Congress of Paediatric Rheumatology European Society, Amsterdam, June 2006.

Dr. Marco is the past-Chairman of the Working Party for Autoinflammatory diseases of the Paediatric Rheumatology European Society (PRES).  From July 2008, he is the Principal Investigator of the “Eurofever” Project (UE – Executive Agency for Health and Consumers; www.printo/eurofever).

Dr. Gattorno from May 2016, he is the Principal Investigator of the E-rare project INSAID (E-Rare JTC 2015-pp-156) and rrom May 2017, he is the President of the International Society of Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases (ISSAID).

Mohamed Al Lamki, MBchB, Msc, FRCP

Mohamed Al Lamki, MBchB, Msc, FRCP

Lecture: Clinic Use Interpretation of Bone Densitometry for Physicians

Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, Royal Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Al Lamki, received his undergraduate degree from Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He completed higher school education from King Williams College in the Isle of Man (United Kingdom.)

Dr. Mohamed joined the Ministry of health and work his way to his current position, having completed his Post Graduation in Glasgow, Scotland, as the first Omani Endocrinologist. He pioneered the clinical exams in Oman, initially as MRCP and later on PaCEs.

Dr. Al Lamki is a Fellow of the Royal College UK, President of AACE-Gulf chapter and in addition to heading the Medical Endometabolic unit at the Royal Hospital, he is also the head of the Subspecialties. He has been instrumental in conceiving and commissioning the first purpose built center for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Oman (National Diabetes and Endocrine Center).

Dr. Moahmed is a member of the Gulf Group for the Study of Diabetes(GGSD), with affiliation and collaboration with EASD (European Association for the study of Diabetes) activities. He has a number of publications in peer journals, and is one of the main editorial members for Sultan Qaboos Medical Journal.

Dr. Al Lamki has an active role in teaching both undergraduate and Residents in Oman Medical Speciality Board. He is the current President of AACE Gulf Chapter. He has other International roles, he does collaborative work with other chapters in Europe and Asia. He is working closely with European Association for the Study of Diabetes, and European Society of Endocrinology. He is involved with continued Medical Education for the Gulf region in Association with the European Association for the study of Diabetes, conducting Annual meeting for training workshop for young doctors and nurses.

Mohammed Saleh, MBBS

Mohammed Salah, MBBS

Pre-Congress Workshop Musculoskeletal Examination for Trainees Only

Specialist Registrar in Rheumatology, Wales Deanery, Wales, United Kingdom

Dr. Saleh graduated in 2003 from Alzaiem Alazhari University in Sudan. While working as a Specialist at Royal Hospital in Oman, he achieved MRCP UK in 2010 and Specialty Certificate in Rheumatology in 2013.

Dr. Mohammed continued teaching medical students after he moved to United Kingdom in 2015 and currently a Specialist Registrar of Rheumatology at Wales Deanery.

Mohammed Hammoudeh, MD, FACP

Mohammed Hammoudeh, MD, FACP

Lecture: Non-Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Spondyloarthritis

Workshop: Meet the SpA Experts: Workshop on Spondyloarthritis 

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College; Senior Consultant in Rheumatology, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Hammoudeh joined Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in June 1982 as a consultant in internal medicine and as a rheumatologist. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1980, Rheumatology in 1982, and Health Care Quality Certification Board in 2000.

Dr. Mohammed held the position of Chief of Rheumatology Division from 1982-2012, the Director of Internal Medicine Training Program from 1983-2003, the Chairman of Internal Medicine, Medical Director, Director of Quality Management, and President of Pan Arab Rheumatology Society from 2006-2008. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Qatar Medical Journal from 1998-2017.

Dr. Hammoudeh has published 91 publications in local, regional, and international journals. He was also awarded the Best Researcher at Hamad Medical Corporation in 2014 and Best Research Team at Hamad Medical Corporation in 2016.

Mohammed Omair, MBBS, SF Rheum, FACR

Mohammed Omair, MBBS, SF Rheum, FACR

Lecture: Systemic Sclerosis Mimickers Unmask the Imposters

Assistant Professor and Consultant Rheumatologist, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Omair led the initiative to build the specialized rheumatology clinics and is the founder and current president of the Charitable Association for Rheumatic Diseases. He has a scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis sub-specialty fellowships from the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. He has published 25 articles.

Muna Al Mutairi, MD

Muna Al Mutairi, MD

Lecture: Case 3: Emerging of Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome

Consultant of Paediatric Rheumatology, Al Adan Hospital, Ministry of Health, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dr. Muna was on the Saudi paediatric residency board at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh in 2010, she later did the Saudi paediatric rheumatology fellowship in King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in 2012 and she did the paediatric lupus fellowship in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

Munther Khamashta, MD, PHD

Munther Khamashta, MD, PHD

Lectures: Management of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: An Update & Antiphospholipid Syndrome: An Overview

Professor, Consultant Physician and Director of the Lupus Research Laboratory,  St. Thomas Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Prof. Munther studied medicine in Barcelona and internal medicine in Madrid, Spain, where he developed an interest in connective tissue diseases and received his PhD. He was awarded the MRCP in 1999 and FRCP in 2002. He joined the Lupus Unit in London 30 years ago and has been instrumental in developing it into an internationally recognized tertiary center receiving referrals from all over the UK. He is currently on sabbatical leave setting up lupus services at Dubai Hospital, United Arab Emirates.

Prof. Khamashta has served on the Editorial Boards of many journals, including Clinical & Experimental Rheumatology, Lupus, and Current Rheumatology Reviews. He is a member of several professional societies, including the International Society of Internal Medicine, the American College of Rheumatology, and the Spanish Society of Rheumatology. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the International Board on the Study of Antiphospholipid Antibodies as well as the Steering Committee of the International Advisory Board for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. He is a founding member of the Lupus Academy and APS-ACTION. He has received several international awards for his work, including the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) and International League Against Rheumatism (ILAR) prizes.

Prof. Khamashta has a strong research interest in lupus and connective tissue diseases, with a special interest in pregnancy and antiphospholipid syndrome. He has published extensively in Lupus, Hughes Syndrome, and related areas, with more than 700 original papers.

Musallam Al Mashani


Pre-Congress Workshop: Musculoskeletal Examination for Trainees Only

Senior Consultant Rheumatologist, Physician, Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Salalah, Oman

Dr. Al Mashani was born in 30 January 1967, he graduated from King Faisal University Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1993, in 1999 completed MRCP (UK), and in 2003 he got his Fellowship in Rheumatology from Australia.

Dr. Musallam worked as Senior Consultant Rheumatologist in Royal Hospital Muscat during the period 2004-2006, then was promoted to a Senior Consultant Rheumatologist in Sultan Qaboos Hospital Salalah from 2006 till now.

Nashat Al Sukaiti


Lecture: Case 5: When to Consider Malignancy among Children with Rheumatic Manifestations?

Consultant Pediatrics Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Muscat, Oman

Nashat AL sukaiti received a full training in university of Toronto, Hospital of sick Children. She completed three years training in a residency program in general pediatrics then joined a two years of fellowship program in allergy and clinical followed by one year training in Bone Marrow Transplantation. She is currently working as a consultant in Allergy and Clinical Immunology in the division of Child Health in Royal Hospital.

Nasra K.K. Al Adhoubi, MD, OMSB, MRCP


Lectures: Rheumatological Emergencies & Myositis, Anti TNF and Psoriasis: What is the story

Consultant Rheumatologist, Royal Hospital, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Nasra graduated from Sultan Qaboss University, College of Medicine in 2002. She completed her Residency in internal medicine in 2010. Following that she travelled to United Kingdom for further Speciality training in Rheumatology where she worked in Barts and London Hospital and got involved in doing some scientific researches.

Dr. Al Adhobi was certified in doing Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in United Kingdom. She has special interest in connective tissue diseases and specifically in systemic Lupus Erythematosus. She is a member of many national and international medical and rheumatological societies.

Nigil Haroon, MD, PhD, DM

Nigil Haroon, MD, PhD, DM

Lecture: Early Diagnosis of Axial SpA

Workshop: Treatment Advances in Axial SpA

Co-Director of the Spondylitis Program, University Health Network; Scientist, Krembil Research Institute; Assistant Professor of Medicine and Rheumatology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Haroon has held several leadership positions including Chair of the Scientific Committee of Spondyloarthritis Research and Training Network (SPARTAN) of America and Chair of Wait Time Alliance Committee of the Canadian Rheumatology Association.

Dr. Nigil is an internationally renowned clinician scientist in the field of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). He has won several awards including the Jane Bruckel Award of the Spondylitis Association of America and the Young Investigator Award of the Canadian Rheumatology Association.

Dr. Haroon has a well-established translational research program at the University Health Network, Toronto and is known for his work in functional genomics of AS.

Nizar Abdulateef

Nizar Abdulateef

Lecture: Eye Involvement in Behcet’s Disease & ILD in Daily Rheumatology Practice

Professor and Consultant in Internal Medicine & Rheumatology Rheumatology Unit, Department of Medicine, Baghdad College of Medicine, Rheumatology Clinic, Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Medical City, Baghdad, Iraq

Dr. Nizar studied medicine at Al-Mustansirya University and graduated in 1991, he got his Diploma in Internal Medicine in 1998, did a fellowship of IBMS in Internal Medicine in 1999 & a fellowship of IBMS in Rheumatology in 2003.

Dr, Abdulateef is a supervisor on postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine & Rheumatology in Diploma and Iraqi & Arabic Board in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. He has many participations in scientific societies inside & outside Iraq. He is Secretary General of Iraqi Society of Rheumatic Diseases (ISRD), Secretary General of Iraqi Osteoporosis Society (IOS), President of Iraqi League for Bone & Joint Health (ILBJH), Member of Executive Board of Pan Arab Osteoporosis Society (PAOS) & Head of its Scientific Committee, & Member of Asian Pacific League Against Rheumatism (APLAR). He was elected this year, 2017 for the position of President of PAOS.

Dr. Nizar has more than 40 research in field of rheumatology, immunology & osteoporosis, most of them were published in international & local medical journals. Also, he has around 20 papers & abstracts which were accepted in international & local conferences. He is a reviewer of various journals including International Journal of Rheumatology, Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, Journal of Faculty of Medicine Baghdad, & The Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy Sciences. He received frequent invitations as a speaker in national and local rheumatology events. In 2013, he received an award of Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in field of biological sciences & many thanking from Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Noha Yousri, PhD

Noha Yousri, PhD

Lecture: Metabolic Profiling identifies Novel Steroids Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Cohort of Arab Patients

Genetic Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Yousri has joined WCM-Q in 2012 as a member of the Bioinformatics Core, before joining the department of Genetic Medicine in March 2017. She is also affiliated with Alexandria University in Egypt as an Associate Professor of Computer and Systems Engineering. Her research focuses on analyzing and integrating molecular profiles as metabolomics and epigenetic modifications, as well as genomic variants in humans, to find underlying biological mechanisms in disease and health states. She led the analysis of several metabolomics studies linked to diseases (as Type 2 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and others) and associations of metabolites with genomic variants. She has also contributed to the analysis of several GWAS meta-analysis studies with international collaborators.

Dr. Noha is also the LPI of a QNRF awarded Path to Personalized Medicine project (PPM2-0226-170020) on epigenetics of T2D and obesity in Qataris from the Qatar Genome Project pilot study, and a Research Mentor in a QNRF awarded Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP21-059-1-011) project that focuses on studying Autism.

Dr. Yousri has authored and co-authored more than 40 peer reviewed full articles and journal papers since 2005. She has also collaborated with several local and international universities and research institutions in UK, USA, Germany and Austria.

Oliver FitzGerald, MD, FRCPI, FRCP

Oliver FitzGerald, MD, FRCPI, FRCP

Lectures: Psoriatic Arthritis: Update in Diagnosis and Management & Pathogenetic Mechanisms in SpA

Consultant Rheumatologist and Newman Clinical Research Professor, St Vincent’s University Hospital and the Conway Institute, University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin, Ireland

Prof. FitzGerald has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers, many on the subject of psoriatic arthritis (PsA). His main research interests in PsA include clinical and therapeutic studies; the development of novel imaging techniques; analysis of synovial and skin cellular and cytokine profiles; and, more recently, studies of gene and protein expression in diseased tissue. He currently receives research funding support from the HRB and a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Rawaia Shehata


Lecture: Case 4: A Case Who Presented with an Unusual Presentation of Paediatric Connective Tissue Disease

Consultant Pediatrician and Pediatric Rheumatologist Head of Pediatric Rheumatology Unit, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Consultant Pediatrician and Pediatric Rheumatologist Head of pediatric rheumatology unit. Institution : Maternity and Children Hospital , AlMosaedia Jeddah Saudi Arabia Education: -Arab Board of Pediatrics 1993 King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh -Pediatric Rheumatology fellowship 1997, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh. Publishing: -First author of Juvenile Dermatomyositis in 21 Saudi children, Clinical Experimental Rheumatology Journal, 1999. – Coauthor of phenotypic characteristics and outcome of juvenile Dermatomyositis in Arab children, Rheumatology International Journal Jun 2017



Lecture: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pregnancy Where We Stand Today

Senior Consultant in Internal Medicine/ Rheumatology, Fellowship Program Director in Rheumatology and Head of Rheumatology Division, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Samar is an Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar and is a faculty member for Clinical Teaching Program in Hamad Medical Corporation and Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, and Stanford Faculty Development Center for Clinical Teachers.

Dr. Al-Emadi received her medical degree from the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, KSA. She had her internship and part of her residency at Hamad General Hospital followed by residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Western in London Ontario, Canada. She then completed her Rheumatology fellowship at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada afterwards completed her fellowship training in pregnancy and rheumatic disease for 6 months with Professor Carl Laskin. She has been certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology from the Royal College of Physician and Surgeon of Canada, and the American board of internal medicine and Rheumatology. In 2005, she was able to establish a pregnancy and rheumatic disease clinic in Hamad General Hospital.

Dr. Samar is a member of multiple corporate committees, member of the Governance and Strategy of Hamad Medical Corporation Research Committee, Hamad Medical Corporation IRB, and Steering Committee for OPD Development. She is also a member of multiple committees locally and regionally, multiple advisory boards.

Dr. Al-Emadi has received multiple research grants one of which is the QNRF Grant to study Genetics of RA in Arab countries, a multinational study. She already has several publications in peer reviewed journals, and is also involved in multiple RCT as a PI and Co-PI. She is also a speaker in multiple local and regional conferences.


Sami Salman, FRCP, MRCP, DMR, CES, MB, ChB

Sami Salman, MD, FRCPI, FRCP

Lecture:Behcet’s Disease & Vasculitis Mimics

Professor in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

Dr. Sami received his bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery/chirurgery at the university of Baghdad in Iraq during the year of 1973, he later received a Certificat d’Etude special in sports medicine at the university of montpellier in France at the year of 1980. In the year of 1984 he became a member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in Dublin and in 1985 he received the diploma of medical rehabilitation at the Royal College of Physician in London. By the year of 2005 he obtained his fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Glasgow, UK.

Dr. Salman was previously the Chairman of Education Committee of Asia Pacific League of Rheumatology (APLAR).

Dr. Sami has more than Forty publications in medical journals. He is a member of the British Society of Rheumatology, the Vice president of the Iraqi Society of Rheumatic Diseases, a member of Iraqi Society of Osteoporosis, a member of the Iraqi Chest and Cardiovascular Society and a member of Iraqi Hypertension Society.

Samia Salah, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Samia Salah, MB, BCh, MSc, MD

Lectures: Familial Mediterranean Fever: Egyptian Experience and Management Update & Case 5: When to Consider Malignancy among Children with Rheumatic Manifestations?

Professor of Paediatrics, Cairo University; Head of Paediatric Rheumatology Unit, New Specialized Children Hospital, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Prof. Samia has Numerous international publications with special interest in familial Mediterranean fever and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Samy Slimani, MD, PhD

Samy Slimani, MD, PhD

Pre-CongressWorkshop: USG Course: Knees and Elbow Joints Presentation & Hands on session (Knees & Elbows)

Associate Professor of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, Batna University Public Hospital, Batna, Algeria

Dr. Samy’s major interests are osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal ultrasound. He is certified EULAR Teacher of musculoskeletal Ultrasound. He has an H-index of 6. He is Editor-in-Chief of Batna Journal of Medical Sciences and Editor in Medicine, African Journal of Rheumatology and Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune diseases. He is Secretary General of the African League of Rheumatology (AFLAR) since 2011.

Suad Hannawi, MD, BhSc, MRCP, FRCP, MIPH, PhD

Suad Hannawi, MD, BhSc, MRCP, FRCP, MIPH, PhD

Lecture: Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Link between Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease

Associate Professor and Senior Consultant of Rheumatology, Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Hannawi has been awarded as best young investigator in Australia, “Princess Alexandra” Research Week awarded by the MOHAP several times and she had been selected as one of the best top 5 physicians across UAE federal health institutes.

Sulaiman Al-Mayouf, MD

Sulaiman Al-Mayouf, MD

Lecture: Long Term Outcomes of JIA

Consultant and Head of Paediatric Rheumatology, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH-RC), Riyadh; Professor at Medical College, Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Al-Mayouf finished his residency training from KFSH-RC, followed by Fellowship in Paediatric Rheumatology from Sick Children in Toronto. He is the national coordinator for the Paediatric Rheumatology International Organization (PRINTO).

Dr. Sulaiman has more than 100 publications in scientific journals as well as many abstracts. He is a frequent lecturing nationally and internationally in Paediatric Rheumatology.

Talal Al Lawati


Pre-Congress Workshop: Musculoskeletal Examination for Trainees Only

Internist and Rheumatologist, Al Nahdha Hospital, Muscat, Oman

After Dr. Al Lawati graduated from College of Medicine in Sultan Qaboos University in 2007, he joined the Oman Medical Specialty Board and completed hsi four years training in internal medicine. He subsequently underwent his fellowship training in Rheumatology in Queen Elizabeth Hospital (University Hospital of Birmingham) for two years. At present, he works as an Internist and Rheumatologist in Al Nahdha Hospital in Muscat with plan to run a Rheumatology service.

Yaser Ali, MD, FRCPC, FACP, MSc, CCD

Yaser Ali, MD, FRCPC, FACP, MSc, CCD

Pre-Congress Workshop: Joint Injections

Lecture: Urticaria in Rheumatology

Consultant in Adult Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology & Allergy, Mubarak Alkabeer Hospital, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dr. Yaser brings years of combined experiences in top-ranked hospitals in Canada. He offers advanced expertise in diagnostic and therapeutic methods in treating patients. He also offers excellent judgement and decision-making capabilities.

Dr. Yaser has board certifications from American board of internal medicine and Royal college of Canada in rheumatology and clinical immunology & allergy.

Yusuf Patel, MBBCh, FCP, FRCP, PhD

Yusuf Patel, MBBCh, FCP, FRCP, PhD

Lecture: Life Threatening Organ Involvement in SLE

Consultant Physician/Rheumatologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Hull York Medical School, Hull, United Kingdom

Dr. Patel was born and trained in South Africa. He then moved to the UK in 1992 for research and still there after completing his PhD at Bath University/Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases.

Dr. Yusuf is interested in General Rheumatology. He is leading a Clinical research and is teaching in a University in the Rheumatology department at the Hull-York Medical School. He is a Principal Investigator and Chief Investigator on a number of clinical trials.