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Muscat is considered the pulsating heart of Oman. It is linked to Port Sultan Qaboos by Muttrah Corniche where the visitor to Muscat can view the wonderful variety of nature: golden beaches, mountainous heights, and golden sand dunes.

Perhaps what is striking about Muscat is the breathtaking intermingling of ancient cultural heritage and modern style.  Houses, gates, old markets, small shops, and winding roads redolent of authentic history, side by side with modern markets, shops, buildings, and streets stamped with modern architecture. This allows Oman to preserve its historic character, and at the same time enjoying its contemporary spirit.

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Like the rest of the Persian Gulf, Oman is blessed with year-round sunshine.  With summer temperatures in Muscat and northern Oman averaging 30 °C to 40 °C, Oman receives little rainfall, with annual rainfall in Muscat averaging 100 mm (3.9 in).  The cooler months, November to April, are the most pleasant time to visit, when temperatures are around 24 degrees Celsius during the day and 16 degrees Celsius at night.


Getting around

Muscat International Airport is located approximately 14 km from the city center of Muscat.
 Traveling within Muscat can be a bit of a challenge because the city is spread out between mountains. Taxis are generally available and don’t run by meters, so make sure you ask your hotel to estimate how much it will cost to reach your destination.



Although the national language of Oman is Arabic, English is largely adopted as the second language.  Tourists have no difficulty in communicating with the Omani people.



The official currency of Oman is the Omani Riyal (OMR). The Omani Riyal is fixed to the dollar with 1USD = 0.39OMR. Credit cards are widely accepted and most banks are open Sunday to Thursday and ATM machines are available.


Time difference

GMT +4 hours


Business hours

The working week runs usually from Sunday to Thursday. Many shops and malls are open until 22:00.


Omani power points accept the “Type G ” British BS-1363 type, and run on a 220-240 Volts.