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Interesting Sights in Muscat:

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan-Qaboos-Grand-MosqueThe Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the main mosque in the Sultanate of Oman. In 1992 Sultan Qaboos directed to build a Grand Mosque in Muscat. A major feature of the design of the interior is the prayer carpet which covers the floor of the prayer hall. It is the second largest single piece carpet in the world. The chandelier above the praying hall is 14 meters tall and was manufactured by Faustig company located in Italy.

Bait al Zubair

Bait-al-ZubairBait al Zubair is a museum, located near the Ministry of Information on Al Saidiya Street in Muscat. It has a notable extensive collection of ancient weapons including khanjar, household equipment, costumes most of which derive from the owner’s private collection. Outside of the museum is full-scale Omani village and souk.

Royal Opera House Muscat

Royal-Opera-House-MuscatThe Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) is Oman’s premier venue for musical arts and culture. The opera house is located in Shati Al-Qurm district of Muscat. Built on the royal orders of Sultan Qaboos of Oman, the Royal Opera House reflects contemporary Omani architecture, and has a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 1,100 people. The opera house complex consists of a concert theatre, auditorium, formal landscaped gardens, cultural market with retail, luxury restaurants and an art centre for musical, theatrical and operatic productions.

Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum

Sultans-Armed-Forces-MuseumThe Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum is a military history museum, located in the 150-year-old Bait Al Falaj Fort, the headquarters for Sultan Said bin Sultan’s Armed Forces on Al Mujamma Street in Muscat. The museum has an extensive collection related to Oman’s history of warfare and the military, with artifacts on weapon such as guns and cannons, uniforms, motor vehicles, strategies uniforms, instruments, medals and even an ejector seat and a parachute on display.

Al Alam Palace

Al-Alam-PalaceThe Al Alam Palace is the ceremonial palace of Sultan Qaboos of Oman located in Muscat.
“Al Alam” means “The Flag” in Arabic. The palace, one of six royal residences of the ruling monarch, Sultan Qaboos, has a history of over 200 years, built by Imam Sultan bin Ahmed the 7th direct grandfather of the current Sultan. The Palace is used for official functions and receiving distinguished visitors and in January 2012, the Sultan received Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at Al Alam Palace during her state visit to Oman.